Design brief

The works included the installation of new refrigeration and mechanical equipment. The installed refrigeration D&B system was internal in operation to provide cooling to all the shop floor cabinets and back of house cold rooms, both chilled and frozen. All the equipment was situated on one level with the refrigeration pack and condenser situated in an internal plant room. The LT cabinet was integral and HT cabinets remote. The project was carried out inline with Morrison’s current refrigeration and mechanical specification.

Refrigeration Equipment

  • Internal Frame Pack
  • Internal Condenser & Receiver
  • HT Display Cabinets
  • Integral LT FHGD Cabinet
  • Cold Rooms – Chilled & Frozen
  • Air Conditioning
  • JTL Controls
  • Gas Detection

Project Overview Plant & Services

Refrigeration Pack

The refrigeration pack was housed in an internal plant room. This consisted of Copeland digital scroll compressors mounted on a frame pack. The primary control was via the JTL for the compressor pack. The pack was manufactured and supplied by SES.

Condenser & Receiver

The condenser was manufactured and supplied by 3T. Along with the frame pack, it was located internally in the dedicated plant room within the building. The plant room was ventilated by the way of louvers, naturally allowing airflow to the condenser coil. The receiver and drier core body sat horizontally below the condenser.


The refrigeration and mechanical pipe works services and duct work ran between the plant room, back of house area and the shop floor. All the refrigeration and mechanical services were installed to Morrison’s current specification.

Project overview cases, cold rooms & mechanical

Display Cabinets

The high temperature display cabinets were remote in operation via the refrigeration pack. The low temperature FHGD cabinet was integral. These were supplied and manufactured by Carter and controlled by JTL.

Cold Rooms

The cold rooms were supplied and installed by ISD. They consisted of one HT chiller and one frozen cold room. The evaporators were supplied by Searle and controlled by JTL.


The mechanical works consisted of ventilation; supply and extract to the back of house and shop floor via cylindrical ducting and Vent Axia. The water supply was via a 22mm cold water main, with Saniflow and Sanicom pumps. The air conditioning was manufactured and supplied by Hitachi and installed in the server room, general office and on the shop floor.

What Morrison’s said

Colin Coe – Morrison’s
“Its has been refreshing for a new contractor to approach Morrison’s and to then deliver to the standards expected. A1 Refrigeration has supported Morrison’s in a variety of its work streams and more recently in our M-Local expansion. A1 has proved itself to be dedicated, resourceful and have the capability to react positively to any request or problem presented to them”.

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