CLADE is the refrigeration plant manufacturing branch of A1 Engineering Solutions and is proudly based in Leeds, UK.

Our manufacturing facility opened in July 2017 following an increased demand for refrigeration plant from our existing customer base. The team at CLADE recognise the responsibility we have to the environment and the urgency with which we must act to reverse the effects of global warming which are now widely apparent. As such, we are the first UK manufacturer of refrigeration plant that only manufacture and assemble plant using natural refrigerants as the cooling medium. This step-change in thinking has been adopted in order to help our Retail, Commercial & Industrial customers meet the F-gas transition deadlines that are rapidly approaching.

Our current systems range from small condensing units through to large industrial transcritical CO2 packs & hydrocarbon / glycol chillers. CLADE offers a wide variety of temperature ranges, both MT and LT, along with combined cooling and heating solutions which are both energy efficient and environmentally sound.

From simple condensing units through to heavy industrial applications we lead the way in natural refrigeration plant provision in the UK. Our product range is suited to all applications from standard packs through to bespoke products.

We understand that many of our customers require assistance with the switch to natural refrigerants. Therefore, in order to facilitate the speedy transition to Naturals, CLADE offers a full suite of support services including plant & system design, commissioning assistance and training plus after sales support for parts and or maintenance.