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The display of A1’s plant at Euroshop in February 2014 saw the company partnering with Kaplanlar of Bursa in Turkey. In the past twelve months A1 has developed a robust supply chain for its in house designed HFC & hydrocarbon plant, this is in order to retain a competitive edge and provide the best value to its customers in an increasingly competitive plant supply market.  A1’s most ambitious and innovative project was the development of its hydrocarbon/glycol cooling and heating plant solution, the Emerald pack, initially for the Co-operative group but also now attracting interest from other retailers.

Emerald Heat RecoveryThis innovative hydrocarbon design was in direct response to a request by one of A1’s key customers.  With the specification being to be able to provide refrigeration cooling and comfort cooling & heating with a natural refrigerant only, whilst meeting the footprint and noise constraints which are commonplace in the convenience sector.  The product is ideal for the convenience market and is very competitive in comparison to Transcritical CO2 applications of the same duty.

Product Sourcing

At A1 we recognise the need to offer competitively priced products, some of these are sourced at home in the UK but often these products will come from international suppliers. We have developed relationships with refrigeration equipment suppliers across the EU and beyond and in doing so can support our customers by sourcing, delivering and installing the most cost competitive products available. With our national service network we can support these products once they are in the field, supplying warranty parts, labour support & technical assistance. With no affiliations to any particular supplier we are able to search for and identify products which meet our customers key criteria of low cost, energy efficiency and low carbon.